Plancto is Live!

December 06, 2019

What is Plancto?

Plancto is your new online scuba diving logbook. It stores your dive history, links you with your buddies and renders it in a map following you as you explore the underwater world.


With a simple tab & map interface you have your Logbook and list of Buddies one click away. You can use the Dive Centers and Dive Sites tabs to plan new trips or log previous experiences.

dive details

Plancto will represent each logbook page in a detailed page, linking your buddy’s dive and collecting statistics dynamically for you.

How do I reach my buddy?

You can link your logbook page with your buddy’s when logging a dive, if you are both on Plancto or otherwise wait one minute and ascent to the surface Plancto will send a buddy request for you.

buddy request

What happens to my data if Plancto shuts down?

Your data is and will always be yours. It will be delivered to you any time upon request at and soon you’ll be able to export it directly from your dashboard in pdf or json format.

Everyone at Plancto is an active diver, we build the platform to use it ourselves and share it with you free of charge and will keep it that way.

The logbook page in Plancto has less options than my own paper logbook, what do I do?

Are you missing some field? Let us know at and we’ll add it for everyone to have a logbook as thorough as yours!

I wish Plancto could do XYZ…

Maybe it could! Let us know 😊

Something does not work for me

Oops, sorry about that, let know and we’ll get that fixed!

What’s coming?

We have a few ideas we think could improve the experience. Here are some:

  • Data export (a promise is a promise!)
  • Let Plancto calculate your average air consumption per minute for you (SAC/RMV)
  • SAC/RMV calculator
  • Charts (who doesn’t like charts?) for your air consumption and historical dive stats
  • Upload all your certification cards and access them offline
  • Upload pictures of your dives
  • Dive Site reviews upon logging a dive
  • Dive Shop reviews
  • Connect with your instructors